CIA Director Voices Military Worries to Russian President

CIA Director Voices Military Worries to Russian President

( – Earlier this month, satellite images showed Russia was building up its military presence near Ukraine’s border. This led to a phone call recently between the Russian president and the US CIA. The Kremlin recently confirmed what the two men discussed.

According to reports, CIA Director William Burns and Russian President Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation the first week over November. It’s rare for the intelligence head to speak to world leaders, but he reportedly wanted to express concerns America had about the possibility of a Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Putin’s spokesperson Dimitry Peskov confirmed to CNN that the call did take place. He said Burns and Putin talked about “bilateral relations, the crisis situation in the diplomatic practice, and an exchange of views on regional conflicts.”

Ukraine has denied Russia is building up its military along the shared border. Also, Russia’s defense minister said Putin has not recently moved any military equipment into that area.

The alleged military buildup on the Ukrainian border is concerning because Russia has already annexed Crimea from the country. There’s concern that Putin wants more of its neighbor’s land. Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby spoke about the increased activity along the border during a press briefing, calling it “concerning” and saying the US will continue to monitor the situation.

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