City Seeks to Ban Emblem of Respect

City Seeks to Ban Emblem of Respect

( – The protests over the last couple of weeks are leading to changes in police departments around the country. While some of those reforms are great, there’s one that’s stirring up controversy in Seattle, Washington. Some people there have a problem with the “band” used to honor deceased officers.

When a police officer dies in the line of duty, their colleagues place black bands across their shields. Activists argue cops aren’t identifiable when they place these on their badges and some even accused law enforcement of intentionally hiding their identities.

The mourning bands obstruct their badge’s serial number, but their name is still visible allowing citizens to identify each officer. Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best argues the mourning bands are a “longstanding tradition” but said the department is “working on policies” to come up with new ideas on how to display badge numbers.

It seems a bit extreme to ban the bands considering how much they mean to police officers. So, it’ll be interesting to see what solutions the department comes up with to satisfy the protestors and the cops who are just trying to honor those who gave their lives to their cities.

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