Clinton Hints at Lawsuit Against Fox News

Clinton Hints at Lawsuit Against Fox News

( – Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton isn’t very popular in conservative circles and media coverage demonstrates it. Over the years, Fox News has reported on many of the scandals surrounding her, including the most recent one related to Special Counsel John Durham’s probe. During a speech last week, she hinted at a possible lawsuit against the media giant.

On February 17, Clinton spoke at the New York State Democratic Convention. She claimed Fox News’ Durham reporting was a “fake scandal” former President Donald Trump is pushing. She went on to say the “conspiracy theories” about her get crazier as the 45th POTUS gets into more trouble (he’s not in any trouble). She blamed Fox for “lead[ing] the charge with accusations” and said the company is “getting awfully close to actual malice.”

Whether or not a media organization or person is acting with “actual malice” is what media figures must prove when they sue for defamation. It’s an extremely difficult threshold to meet. Most recently, former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin (R) lost a defamation lawsuit against the New York Times after the judge and jury determined she didn’t prove the newspaper acted with actual malice.

Clinton’s anger is about reports her 2016 campaign allegedly paid a tech firm accused of trying to infiltrate servers at Trump Tower during the campaign and later when Trump was president. The former secretary denies the claims.

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