Close to 200,000 Border Arrests Made Last Month

( – The southern border crisis is still raging nearly six months into President Joe Biden’s administration. Even though hundreds of thousands of migrants have poured across the border, the POTUS still hasn’t changed any of the policies that caused the crisis. And, last month was the worst one yet in terms of border arrests.

According to a July 14 report, the number of encounters on the Southern border in June was the highest in a decade. More than 188,000 illegal immigrants were caught trying to enter the country. That number is more than 8,000 higher than the number of people stopped by agents in May.

Roughly 34% of the illegals confronted at the border had been in contact with agents at least once in the last year. The new numbers come just weeks after Vice President Kamala Harris visited the southern frontier. The Biden administration has pledged to get the problem under control but has not told the American people how it plans to do that. At least a million immigrants have had encounters with Border Patrol this fiscal year.

While the Biden admin allows the problem at the Mexican border to go unaddressed, it’s warning Cuban immigrants to stay out of the US. Republicans believe that’s because those migrants are fleeing Communism and are more likely to vote for Conservatives when they get citizenship. Either way, the administration’s objections to them while standing by and doing nothing while hundreds of thousands enter through Mexico is highlighting a disturbing double standard. Most troublesome is that the unfettered illegal migration is putting Americans at risk.

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