CNN Guest Dares to Criticize Bill Clinton

CNN Guest Dares to Criticize Bill Clinton

( – On August 18, the second night of the Democratic National Convention (DNC), the party asked its creepiest member to speak: former President Bill Clinton. One CNN guest questioned why he was still being given a platform by the party who claims to support women’s rights, and he was immediately brushed off by the rest of the panel.

Former George W. Bush official, Scott Jennings, said he was “dumbfounded” by Bill Clinton’s appearance at the DNC. He wanted to know how the former president hasn’t been canceled by the Left when he’s “one of the biggest violators” of the rules. The party claims to care about “character,” then invites a known philanderer to speak at its convention. It doesn’t make much sense.

The panel wasn’t pleased. Jennifer Granholm dismissed the concerns saying they’ve already been answered. And, Van Jones claimed the Left believes in “redemption.”

It’s not just that Bill Clinton had an affair with an intern while president. He was recently accused of partying on convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s “Pedophile Island.” When will the Left actually start supporting women?

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