CNN Host Claims Fox News Invented Senile Joe Biden Reports

( – Many questions have surrounded whether President Joe Biden is fit to lead the country. Incidents like the time he confused his wife and sister on the campaign trail have contributed to the concerns. Fox News has questioned that quite a bit, angering a CNN commentator.

On Sunday, January 23, Catherine Rampell joined Brian Stelter on his show, “Reliable Sources,” to bash Fox News. She claimed critical race theory stories and those about a “senile president” are fake news and meant to make their audience angry. She said the hosts want to raise their viewers’ blood pressure but aren’t “actually mortal threats.”

Rampell went on to say the goal of the headlines and news stories is to “freak people out” so that they’re living in fear. Stelter tried to blame conservative media for recent polling showing most Americans think the country isn’t on the right track.

The timing of the CNN attacks isn’t surprising. The network spent four years attacking former President Donald Trump, and when he left office, their ratings tanked. They need a new boogeyman, and it seems they chose Fox News to fill that hole for them on Sunday.

Do you agree with Rampell, or do you think Fox News is on the right track?

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