CNN’s Jake Tapper Targets Trump’s Family in Alarming Attack

CNN's Jake Tapper Targets Trump's Family in Alarming Attack

( – President Donald Trump has often said the media is biased against him. CNN is one of the worst offenders and in the days after the Tuesday, November 3 election the network proved it.

Jake Tapper got more and more belligerent when discussing the president last week. He attacked Trump and his children alike. His insults reached their peak on Friday. The CNN host told viewers to look at the Twitter account of the “president’s spawn,” saying the feed looked like someone on an “LSD trip” ranting in crayon.

Tapper isn’t the only CNN correspondent who showed their true colors. After the president spoke on Friday, Anderson Cooper said he looked like an “obese turtle on his back” in the sun.

Everything the president said over the last four years about CNN is correct. The network is against him. The election brought out the anchors’ true colors and destroyed what little credibility they have left.

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