College Students Robbed At Gunpoint And Forced Into Their Basement


Eleven Temple University students were robbed at gunpoint at an off-campus apartment on Saturday. The Philadelphia Police Department is investigating the robbery, and the school is working with the affected students to provide housing, counseling, and other trauma-informed resources.

The student victims shared that two men entered the home and woke up several students in an armed robbery. The thieves preceded to lock them in a basement for over an hour.

Two robbers broke into a home at 7 a.m. and stole a 2015 Infinity minivan. The suspects repeatedly asked, “Where are the drugs?” They also had students give them their cell phones, car keys and debit cards with PINs.

However, the students were able to use their laptops to reach out to loved ones for help. Their contact then called 911 to send first responders to the apartment. All of them were able to reunite with their families after emergency services arrived at the scene.

The students involved consisted of six female residents, three of their boyfriends, and two additional female friends.

Temple University’s Vice President for Public Safety encouraged concerned students to explore the school’s Best Nest Program, which helps students find safe off-campus housing. Temple has since encouraged students to download a safety app and consider shuttle services.

No injuries were reported, but the students were left shaken. One student said they realized it was their time to go.

Temple encourages students to take protective safety measures, such as alerting landlords to broken doors, windows and locks, and keeping windows and doors secured with adequate locks at all times.

This is not the only home invasion incident involving Temple University. A student told the local station that another home invasion took place on Wednesday and that she called 911 before the intruders left.

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