Congress Shouldn’t Be a Lifetime Appointment

Congress Shouldn't Be a Lifetime Appointment

Typically, when a discussion arises about the Congress of the United States, the phrase “term limits” is heard. It’s absurd that a person could spend almost six decades in the House of Representatives. That certainly plays a part in why people tend to view both chambers as being rife with corruption and abuses of power. According to polling giant Gallup, a meager 24% of Americans have a favorable view of them. It’s an important issue and one that needs to be debated in our Capital.

The Citizen Point of View

The politicians voted into office are ostensibly there to “serve” the people. When they are vying for these positions during election years, there isn’t a candidate out there who doesn’t use that word to describe the duty they are taking on. Since their bosses, the electorate, overwhelmingly want to curtail how long they can serve (there’s that word again), one might think they’d do a servant’s job and take care of it. One would be wrong. While an aggregate 82% of Americans want term limits enacted, Congress tends to sit on their collective hands and does nothing.

Politicians’ Points of View

Here’s where things can get tricky. People have to decide if the candidate in question is just pandering to them to get votes or if they’re sincere in their conviction on the matter. Americans have good reason to be leery of promises made by those looking to get elected. The campaign trail is strewn with broken promises.

Some of those in or seeking office have proclaimed their desire to amend the Constitution to place a ceiling on the number of years someone is eligible to hold a position. Former Governor, now Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) has taken a step towards term limits by introducing a bill on the matter.

Andrew Yang, who tried to secure the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination for the 2020 election, also came out in favor of the idea. He believes this would keep Congress members focused upon the work they were elected to do and not on fundraising for the next election cycle.

While many of the elected leaders of the nation proclaim their support of congressional term limits, it never seems to happen. In fact, the United States has actually regressed. The precursor to the Constitution, the Articles of Confederation, called for them in Article 5. Whichever position one advocates, it’s clear this is a contentious, unresolved issue.

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