Conor McGregor accused of assaulting woman on his yacht

On Wednesday, court officials reported that Conor McGregor is currently under investigation in Spain after being accused of physically assaulting a woman at a party on his boat in Ibiza last summer.

This follows a report from Ultima Hora, a Spanish newspaper, which included allegations from an Irish woman that McGregor punched her and threatened to drown her. When the case initially closed, a judge requested for it to be reopened after receiving more information about the incident.

McGregor has denied the allegations, with his spokesperson Karen Kessler releasing a statement on Tuesday, claiming he “steadfastly denies all the accusations made by the guest on his boat”. According to Spanish media accounts, when the woman initially reported the incident to the police, she alleged that it was not McGregor who had attacked her. Thus, no case was opened in McGregor’s native Ireland at the time.

The woman reportedly was at McGregor’s birthday celebration in an Ibiza club on July 16th and was invited to his yacht by McGregor. Her story then alleges that the next morning, McGregor suddenly became violent and aggressive, punching her in the stomach and chin, and also lunging at her and threatening to drown her.

She was able to escape by jumping into the water and was later rescued by a Red Cross boat.

She declared that the reason why she didn’t accuse McGregor immediately was because she was in a state of shock, only had her bikini to wear, had no money or cellphone, and wanted to go back to her hotel in Ibiza to gather her self and posessions and leave.

The Spanish courts have not released any additional information concerning the case.