Controversy: NFL Star Christian McCaffrey Slams Influencer Over "Evil" Post Criticizing Olivia Culpo’s Wedding Gown

Charlotte, North Carolina – Christian McCaffrey, the NFL’s reigning Offensive Player of the Year, recently exchanged vows with former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo in a beautiful ceremony in Rhode Island. The couple’s wedding attire sparked controversy after a fashion influencer criticized Culpo’s choice of dress for being too modest.

Influencer Kennedy Bingham, known as Gown Eyed Girl, took issue with Culpo’s Dolce & Gabbana long-sleeved ballgown, describing it as lacking personality. Bingham’s comments led to McCaffrey defending his wife, calling the influencer’s post “evil” and wishing her joy and peace.

Culpo, who had expressed her desire for a dress that did not exude sexiness, faced criticism for choosing a more covered and elegant gown. Bingham argued that Culpo’s emphasis on coverage was unnecessary and pushed an unrealistic standard for brides.

Despite the backlash, Culpo stood by her choice of attire, emphasizing that what one wears on their wedding day has no bearing on the success of their marriage. McCaffrey and Culpo, who said their “I do’s” in a chapel in Rhode Island, continue to receive support from fans and well-wishers.

The couple’s wedding comes after a successful NFL season for McCaffrey, where he achieved career-best stats and earned his third Pro Bowl selection. As they embark on this new chapter together, McCaffrey and Culpo remain focused on their future and the love they share.