Convicted Trump Associate Sliding On Charges?

Former Trump associate, Roger Stone, was sentenced to three years and four months in prison. Stone was convicted last year and sentenced on Thursday for his role in obstructing the congressional investigation into whether or not Russia tampered in the 2016 presidential election. The judge delayed Stone’s sentence pending her ruling on whether or not she will approve a motion for new trial among concerns about a tainted jury.

The decision came during a period of upheaval within the DOJ, who had originally suggested a 9-year sentence. They later came back, claiming to have made a mistake, and requested lighter sentencing. The request left several DOJ members up in arms, leading to a flurry of protests and resignations.

President Trump has been very vocal about his support for Stone and his belief that the entire trial and sentencing were unfair. Trump was reported saying he is going to allow the case to play out within the legal system because he believes Stone will be exonerated.

But what happens if he isn’t? Will we see another pardon this year?

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