Cop Allegedly Shoots Bystanders While Trying to Catch Criminal

( – Police officers have an obligation to ensure the area is clear of civilians before they discharge their firearms. That’s to prevent innocent bystanders from being shot. An officer in Georgia allegedly failed to follow the policy and now there’s an investigation underway.

On February 7, a Columbus Police Officer was investigating a suspected stolen vehicle when the driver tried to flee the scene. The suspect drove toward the officer in an attempt to get away which led the officer to shoot in the direction of the charging car. The perpetrator was able to get away from the scene and elude the police.

After the incident occurred, officers began investigating. They discovered “individuals who had been struck by gunfire” during the incident. Since the cop is allegedly the only one to discharge a firearm, it seems as though those individuals suffered injuries as a result of the officer shooting at the vehicle. However, that’s not a proven fact as the investigation is ongoing.

The shooting in Georgia is the second in recent months where a civilian was allegedly shot by police. In December, 14-year-old Valentina Orellana Peralta was in a Los Angeles dressing room trying on gowns for her quinceañera when a bullet from a police officer’s gun penetrated the wall and killed her.

Columbus police have not released the severity of the gunshot injuries in the Georgia case. The officer was placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the probe.

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