Court Backs Facebook in Conflict With European Union

Court Backs Facebook In Conflict With European Union

( – Facebook is facing an increasing amount of pressure in the US over its business practices. It seems the company’s problems also extend across the pond and into Europe. However, on October 29, the second-highest court in Europe ruled in favor of the social media giant in an antitrust case.

Court Sets Conditions

The European Union has been investigating Facebook and trying to build an antitrust case against the company. Authorities have been looking into the social media giant’s use of the data it obtains from apps and its sales platform.

Investigators asked the company to turn over a large amount of data in the case. Facebook then sued to prevent the authorities from obtaining the information, claiming the demand was “exceptionally broad.” In July, the EU General Court stopped the European Commission from obtaining the data. Last week the court took it a step further.

On Thursday, the General Court said Facebook has to submit the data, but it will happen in a controlled manner. The documents will be “placed in a virtual data room” that only a limited number of investigators can access. An equal number of the company’s Ireland legal team will be present while the EU commission’s investigators comb through the data.

Facebook Responds

The US company applauded the ruling by the EU court. In a statement, the tech giant said it agreed “strong legal protections” should be provided. It looks as though Facebook is going to comply with the latest order. Failure to do so could lead to daily fines that equal about $9.5 million.

Problems in the US

Facebook is currently fighting a battle in the US over its decision to censor Conservatives. Republicans believe the company is interfering in the presidential race by suppressing news that makes Democrat Joe Biden look bad.

It looks as though Facebook might want to re-evaluate the way it conducts business.

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