COVID Psychosis: The Deadly Coronavirus Side Effect

COVID Psychosis: The Deadly Coronavirus Side Effect

( – More than a year after it began, COVID-19 is still spreading throughout our country. Fortunately, death and hospitalization rates have fallen, leaving many people hopeful that we can get back to normal soon. However, one woman is warning people that even after COVID is out of one’s system, its impact might still be felt.

On February 18, Ben Price killed himself on a family farm. In a USA Today interview published on May 6, his wife Jennifer said she believes her husband had “COVID psychosis.” He fell ill with the virus two weeks before he died and when he recovered, he began acting unusual. She explained that her husband loved both of his children with his entire being and his suicide was not just shocking but “so completely out of his character.”

Dr. Jonathan Alpert, a professor of psychiatry, neuroscience and pediatrics in NYC, said people who have had COVID-19 might be restless, agitated, preoccupied, see hallucinations, become paranoid, and experience other symptoms. The doctor said it could be caused by inflammation of the brain and the medications used to treat COVID, like high-dose steroids, could contribute to it. Health care professionals call it “COVID psychosis.” He explained that people should seek immediate medical attention if they experience any of the above symptoms.

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