Craziest Black Friday Fights Of All Time

From entryway riots to parking lot disputes, Black Friday is notorious for being chaotic. People will do anything to score a good deal as they finish their holiday shopping.

Some of the most iconic Black Friday flights have happened inside stores that you shop in every day. Something about this day of discounts seems to put shoppers into a vengeful craze. Every man is for himself and people are willing to trample over their neighbor to buy the latest tv on super sale.

Check out these crazy fights that have happened on Black Friday over the last few years…

In 2011, Shoppers at an Atlanta, Texas Walmart lost their minds digging through towel bins to get first dibs on a sale. Some of the shoppers even ended up in the bins themselves.

Also in 2011, Little Rock, Arkansas saw it’s own Walmart fiasco. Waffle irons were being sold for only $2 a piece. Shoppers turned vicious toward one another, shoving others aside and fighting to get the waffle iron that they had their eye on.

Some even more violent fights have broken out over the years. A Marine was injured while volunteering at a Toys for Tots stand outside a Georgia Best Buy when a man attacked him with a knife. The man was charged with aggravated assault, possession of a weapon, and armed robbery.

However, these historic fights have recently been taking a turn. Just a few years ago, Black Friday would have conjured images of frenzied shoppers packed into stores like sardines and hunting for the best bargains. But now, it looks starkly different.

A national survey of 1,000 consumers showed that 32% of people will shop in-person on Black Friday in 2022, while 80% will shop during Cyber Week 2022. Consumer surveys show that spending for Black Friday is expected to fall amid record-high inflation, but physical retailers could see a boost.