Credit Card Skimmers Arrested After Thousands of Numbers Compromised

( – In a day when many Americans don’t carry around cash, thieves have gotten more creative about how they steal from hardworking people. One of those ways is by using credit card skimmers that allow thieves to steal card numbers. That’s exactly what two men allegedly did in Colorado.

On March 16, the US Secret Service began tracking Mercea Barzecu and Janos Rigo when they arrived in Littleton. Federal agents accused the men of going into two Walmart stores and attempting to use the skimmers. The two men then reportedly traveled to other ATMs and stores to try to use the devices. Agents eventually arrested them in Lakewood.

According to authorities, the two men and another not yet identified had access to 7,873 debit and credit card numbers they stole while they ran the scheme in multiple states. It’s unknown how much money they stole.

If you believe your card was compromised, call the financial institution to have it canceled and a new card reissued. If you notice charges on your statement that don’t belong to you, be sure to call and dispute them immediately. The financial institution will generally refund the stolen money when its investigation is complete.

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