Creepy Footage Shows Security Guard Checking In “Ghost Patient” Who Died The Day Before


A security guard at a hospital in Buenos Aires, Argentina, was caught on camera assisting a phantom patient. The incident took place at Finochietto Sanatorium, a private care center located in Buenos Aires.

The sliding doors at Finochettio Sanatorium opened the early morning of November 11, prompting the guard to step away from the desk and appear to write something down on a clipboard.

The security guard removed the line divider to let someone in and looks like he started talking to someone, despite there being no other visible person in sight. He then was seen attempting to offer a wheelchair for the woman before returning to his post.

After a few hours, the guard decided to check in on the seemingly invisible patient. However, the medics that he checked in with said that the patient he was asking about had died the day prior.

The director of hospital media relations, Guillermo Capuya, claimed that a simple explanation would clear up the confusion. The entrance door to the hospital opened 28 times during a period of 10 hours, which indicates a malfunction with the automatic door.

Cupaya also shared that the guard never registered a patient, and there is no record log showing the person who he appeared to check in.

The media relations director believes the incident to be a prank. The hospital guard seen in the CCTV footage didn’t write anything down on his clipboard when the supposed “ghost patient” arrived. Therefore, there was no written record of the patient’s arrival.

Despite officials stating that this was most likely a prank, many views have been stunned by the security camera footage. The released video has been views millions of times on social media by curious users.

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