Cruz Requests Microsoft and CNN Halt Democrats’ Salaries Over COVID to See How They Like It

Cruz Requests Microsoft and CNN Halt Democrats' Salaries Over COVID to See How They Like It

( – On Sunday, December 13, billionaire Bill Gates told CNN’s Jake Tapper that it’s “appropriate” to close “bars and restaurants in most of the country” for the foreseeable future. One senator lashed out at the television host and Microsoft’s founder after watching the interview.

Ted Cruz (R-TX) slammed the men for suggesting American workers continue to go without salaries. He suggested CNN, Democrats, and Microsoft employees all go without paychecks and see how it feels.

Aside from the fact that millionaire Tapper and billionaire Gates are completely out of touch with the realities the American people are facing, closing restaurants and bars makes little sense. During a December 11 briefing, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) admitted the rate of transmission in bars and restaurants is incredibly low. Just over 1% of cases can be attributed to those environments. Why then are Leftist leaders forcing people into poverty?

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