Daring Coast Guard Rescues of 2021

(AbsoluteNews.com) – Congress gave the US Coast Guard its official name in 1915, well after its initial founding in 1790. The group’s mission changed throughout history, but currently, it operates 11 different programs, all surrounding maritime themes – including rescues. Those in peril were not in short supply during 2021, and the guard’s motto of Semper Paratus, always ready, shone brightly as it sprung into action when needed. Without regard for their own safety, Coast Guard members put their lives on the line to carry out many daring rescues over the past year. Here are just a couple of those missions.

The Sinking Sailboat

In October, a 6-person crew sailed off the coast of California in a 79-foot schooner to enjoy a day on the water. Unfortunately, mother nature had other plans. The sailboat was one crew member down and facing 20-foot waves, putting them all in grave danger while one passenger was suffering from a head injury and a possible broken arm. When the crew sent out a distress signal, the Coast Guard leaped into action, sending Petty Officer 3rd Class Spencer Manson on his first mission in for the rescue.

Manson entered the ocean swells and swam toward the sinking schooner immediately after arriving at the scene in a helicopter. He climbed aboard and helped to hoist the crew members to safety, saving all six from the vessel.

Over the Falls

Another daring rescue attempt happened on December 8, when the Coast Guard arrived at the Niagara River, close to the edge of the American Falls, after a distress call from local police. Guard members traveled by helicopter and spotted a vehicle in the river stuck on the rocks just above the falls.

A rescue swimmer armed with an ax descended upon the upright and partially submerged car and pulled the woman inside the car out of danger. The helicopter carefully airlifted the pair to the nearest dry land, where emergency personnel stood by waiting to assist. Unfortunately, the woman had apparently died before the rescue. Governor Kathy Hochul (-NY) praised the Coast Guard’s heroics despite the outcome, stating she was “saddened by the tragic loss.”

The brave men and women who serve with the US Coast Guard never know how their missions will play out as they go into a rescue situation, but they go anyway. From law enforcement to protection and defense, the service members come when called to oversee many operations on the water and perform daring rescues when needed.

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