Daycare Owner Shoots Her Cop Husband Over Child Sex Abuse Allegations

Retired cop shot by wife over child sex abuse allegations at her day care center: police – New York Post

The daycare owner shot her retired-cop husband after learning of a second abuse allegation against him, can reveal.

Shanteari Weems, 50, shot her husband, retired cop James Weems Jr., in his room at the Mandarin Oriental after being told by one of the parents at her daycare that he had abused their child.

Shanteari heard the second allegation, drove 50 miles south to confront her husband, and fired a weapon in self-defense. Her lawyer and family are fighting for her freedom, while James awaits his first court date on child sex abuse charges.

The first allegations against James Weems were made earlier this month, and the daycare center in Owings Mills, Maryland, was shut down abruptly.

Shanteari’s attorney told ‘She built this business from scratch. Her whole life’s work is to care for mothers’ children.’

Shanteari Weems is now being held without bail and her friends and family are rallying behind her.

Weems is the owner of Lil Kidz Kastle in Owing Mills, Maryland. He is being investigated by the Baltimore County Police Department for child abuse.

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