DC Deputy Warden Accused of Human Rights Violations

DC Deputy Warden Accused of Human Rights Violations

(AbsoluteNews.com) – On January 6, a large group of protestors gained entry to the Capitol in Washington, DC, allegedly to stop the democratic process of affirming President Joe Biden’s place in the White House. Nearly 70 of those in attendance on that day are sitting in a DC correctional facility awaiting trial. Representative Majorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) alleges they’re facing inhumane abuses by Deputy Warden Kathleen Landerkin. The deputy warden’s reportedly inflammatory tweets against former President Donald Trump and anyone who supports him lead Greene to believe Landerkin is doing more than just housing the January 6 prisoners.

Apparently, the accused are in solitary confinement lockdown for 23 hours a day.

Accusations Against the Warden

In July, Greene and Representatives Louie Gohmert (R-TX) and Matt Gaetz (R-FL) tried to enter the prison and review the holding conditions, but officers reportedly denied them access. Gohmert alleged the police called them trespassers and said they were “obstructing entrance into the facility.” That incident fueled the concern about the treatment of the citizens detained inside the DC Department of Corrections.

The legislators’ concerns increased while reading the tweets supposedly posted by Landerkin, who’s in charge at the prison. In 2018, she wished for the extinction of “two old white racists” who flipped her off and alluded to her disdain for Trump. Greene tweeted her worries in December about what she sees as the deputy warden’s “hateful oversight” of the January 6 defendants. She believes the Trump supporters are enduring abuse from an “entire system that hates them.”

Unfortunately, since the Representatives cannot enter the jail to check the conditions, the accusation can neither be confirmed nor denied with any level of certainty. Greene further feels the FBI wrongfully targeted the rioters who, she claimed, were simply objecting to the electoral college votes. She tweeted that Landerkin abused “pretrial J6 defendants” and accused her of wanting the objecting lawmakers on January 6 punished as traitors to the country.

Greene also points to the irony of the deputy warden’s apparent feelings against a border wall while allegedly keeping prisoners in solitary confinement for a supposed stint of 23 hours a day. She’s calling for Landerkin’s firing.

Right vs. Left on Twitter

Considering the outrageous tweets by the deputy warden, some question why her account is still active at all. Since 2017, screenshots allegedly show her hatred for Trump and members of the Republican party, giving rise to the question: Why was she not banned when Trump was ousted permanently by Twitter? Some may assume it has more to do with politics than actual company policy, although there’s no way to prove the claims. Through all the chatter and tweets, the underlying question about the prisoner’s alleged ill-treatment, suffered abuses, and assumed torture remains unanswered.

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