DC Teacher Placed on Leave for Forcing Kids to Reenact Holocaust

DC Teacher Placed on Leave for Forcing Kids to Reenact Holocaust

(AbsoluteNews.com) – While it’s likely every parent in America agrees about the importance of learning world history, there are age-appropriate ways to teach certain lessons. One instructor was placed on leave from Watkins Elementary School in Washington, DC, because she thought it was a brilliant idea to have third-graders graphically reenact the Holocaust.

The unnamed teacher even went so far as to make a group pretend to ride on a train to a concentration camp and act out their death in gas chambers while forcing one of her eight-year-old Jewish students to simulate Adolf Hitler’s suicide. She allegedly instructed her students to keep the Holocaust reenactment a secret.

Reportedly, the children went to the library to work on a self-directed project. However, the instructor took it as her opportunity to make the kids research the tragic historical event and act out the atrocity. In addition, she allegedly peppered in anti-Semitic language throughout the reenactment.

A spokesperson for the school apologized to the students and their families, stating the event was not an approved lesson plan. Officials also met with a mental health response team to help the children process the incident. There’s no word on a permanent decision about the fate of the instructor.

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