Dead body of missing man found inside of apartment chimney

NORFOLK, NE – A body discovered in a chimney at an apartment complex in Norfolk, Nebraska has been identified by local law enforcement. The deceased individual was recognized as 29-year-old Zachariah Andrews, a resident of Norfolk. The identification was made possible through distinctive scars, tattoos, and an ID card found on the body.

Andrews was last seen alive on September 15, in the vicinity of the 1200 block of West Norfolk Ave. The following day, a resident of the apartment complex at 1414 S 3rd Street, where Andrews’ body was later discovered, reported hearing a man’s cries for help. The source of the cries seemed to be the building’s first floor.

Upon arrival, the police spoke with the caller who reported that the cries had ceased a few minutes before the officers’ arrival. The resident was instructed to reach out to the police if the cries were heard again. On the same day, the officers also spoke with three other residents, including the one living directly below the caller. None of them reported hearing any cries for help.

On September 20, a parking warning was issued for Andrews’ vehicle, found in the 300 block of Northwestern Ave in Norfolk. A missing persons report was filed on October 3, and Andrews was added to the national missing persons database. His body was discovered and retrieved from the apartment complex’s chimney on October 19, following a call to the police.

The Norfolk Police Division believes that Andrews’ death was accidental. They have been in regular contact with Andrews’ family since the start of the investigation and will release more information as it becomes available.