Death Threats Cause Anti-Abortion Group to Drop Billboard

Death Threats Cause Anti-Abortion Group To Drop Billboard

( – Freedom of speech is one of the tenets of American society. Although it only covers government infringement, citizens are generally expected to respect their fellow American’s rights to speak freely about what they believe. Unfortunately, one group received death threats for that reason.

On Tuesday, August 10, Abolish Abortion Texas had one of its pro-life billboards removed. The large sign was set up along a highway in Boyd, Texas for only a day before the advertising company removed it.

According to the anti-abortion group, the landowner started receiving death threats after the billboard went up. This action forced the ad company to remove it. Jon Speed, who works with Abolish Abortion Texas, said the incident demonstrates how intolerant the Lone Star State is becoming. He expressed surprise that the advertisement led to such threats when it didn’t contain anything graphic or even a photo of a live baby.

The pro-life organization is one of several groups and states that joined a lawsuit to overturn Roe v. Wade in the Supreme Court. The goal is to end abortion and save the lives of millions of babies.

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