Death Valley Flooding Leaves 1,000 People Inside The Park

Photo by Meriç Dağlı on Unsplash

Death Valley drenched by record flooding, stranding about 1,000 in park – The Washington Post

Death Valley got 1.46 inches of rain on Friday August 5, 2022. It was the second-wettest day since record keeping began in 1911. It’s almost 70% of its average rainfall and more than 1,300% of its average August rain.

Several cars were trapped in several feet of debris and the Cow Creek Water system failed, causing a major break in the line.

The National Park Service said 500 staff and 500 visitors were trapped inside Death Valley National Park after monsoonal weather caused major flooding.

Floodwaters pushed dumpster containers into parked cars, and flooded hotel rooms and business offices.

The Southwest monsoon, which develops each summer as prevailing winds shift from out of the west to out of the south, fuels vigorous downpours that douse the parched desert landscape. This year’s monsoon has been particularly intense, resulting in many significant flood events.

The rainfall inundated the park, trapping vehicles in debris and forcing visitors to struggle for six hours to leave the park. Earlier this week, flash floods hit parts of western Nevada, forcing the closure of some roads leading to the park.

The flood waters in Death Valley caused cars to collide with one another, and flooded several facilities, including hotel rooms and business offices. No major injuries were reported, though about 60 vehicles were damaged.

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