Deaths of Illegal Immigrants Soar at Border While Joe Biden Does Nothing

( – The country is almost six months into the Biden administration and the border is still out of control. Not only are Americans being put in danger because of President Joe Biden’s failed policies, but immigrants are actually dying.

Deaths along the Mexican-American border are not a new thing. However, there’s no denying the number is soaring under Biden’s watch. In June, alone, Border Patrol agents found 109 bodies. That brought the total to 321 for the 2021 fiscal year and there are still three months to go. That’s the highest number of deaths since 2005, when 492 bodies were found.

As temperatures soar, immigrants are dying from dehydration and hyperthermia, a condition that occurs when the body gets overheated. A recent picture of a Border Patrol agent saving a smuggled migrant shows the severity of the situation.

Not only are more immigrants flowing into the country as a result of Biden’s policies, which statistically means there’s a higher probability that people will fall ill or die, but they are crossing through more dangerous terrain than in the past. Earlier this year, N. Michael Montgomery, the director of CBP’s Air and Marine Operations in Arizona, told the Wall Street Journal that migrants are crossing through the mountains. Agents are seeing an increase in injuries and people dying after falling off of cliffs.

The number of immigrant deaths will undoubtedly increase over the next few months. Meanwhile, the Biden administration still doesn’t seem to have a plan to stop the crossings.

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