Defense Secretary Under Biden Orders Military to Stand Down

Defense Secretary Under Biden Orders Military to Stand Down

( – On January 22, the Senate confirmed Lloyd Austin as the new defense secretary. Just two weeks into the job, he’s already making waves.

On Wednesday, February 3, Secretary Austin ordered the military to “stand down” for 60 days and ordered commanders to address “extremism” in the branches. Pentagon Press Secretary Admiral John Kirby said the decision came after finding out there were active duty service members at the January 6 incident on Capitol Hill. He called it a “wake-up call” for the Defense Department.

Austin posted on Twitter about the announcement.

Everyone can agree that the military isn’t the place for actual extremists or violent criminals who may want to hurt other people based on their own beliefs. The concern is that innocent Conservatives who may have been steadfast supporters of former President Donald Trump could get caught up in this sweep. How’s Austin going to ensure they are protected? Or is this going to be another way for the Left to silence the Right?

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