Dem Mayor Interferes With GOP Convention

( – Democratic officials around the country seem intent on getting involved in business that has nothing to do with them. In North Carolina, Governor Roy Cooper (D)interfered in the Republican National Convention (RNC), forcing the party to move the event to Florida. In Houston, Texas, the mayor is doing the same thing.

On July 8, Mayor Sylvester Turner (D) announced he was canceling the Texas Republican Party’s (state) convention scheduled for July 16. The city leader cited coronavirus concerns as the reason for his actions. Texas GOP Chairman James Dickey said the party’s going to pursue legal action against the mayor and the venue that refused to host it after the interference.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX), however, pointed out Sylvester’s moves may have actually done the GOP a favor.

Still, this mayor’s unilateral decision to cancel the opposing party’s convention isn’t fair to the GOP. No city official should have that much power over the electoral process. At the very least, the Republican Party should have played a key role in deciding what to do.

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