Democrat Wants Conservative News Banned

Democrat Wants Conservative News Banned

( – If the federal government implements a policy that censors Americans or the press, that is a direct violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution. Children learn this in grade school. However, it seems a Democrat in Florida missed that lesson as a child — and then again in law school.

Attorney Pam Keith let her lack of knowledge fly on Twitter on Tuesday, January 19. She told her followers that she thinks President Joe Biden should issue an executive order that bans Fox News, OANN and Newsmax from federally owned property. She doesn’t believe anyone who lives or works on land owned by the government should be allowed to access news from conservative sources.

Keith, who ran for Florida’s 18th Congressional District three times and lost, said that it was perfectly legal because the government would be trying to stop so-called radicalization. She then provided a list of news sources that she approves.

Prohibiting conservatives from speaking, whether in person, on television or on the radio, on public property is censorship. That’s a violation of the First Amendment. Let’s all hope this legal scholar keeps losing when she runs for Congress; she’s the last person we need writing legislation.

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