Democrat Wants to Criminally Charge Officials Who Oppose Election Results

Democrat Considers Criminally Charging Officials Who Try to Block Biden’s Certification

( – On Friday, November 20, four of Michigan’s Republican lawmakers met with President Donald Trump to reportedly discuss the certification of the vote in the state. The meeting allegedly led the state’s attorney general to look into whether she could charge GOP officials with crimes.

According to a Washington Post report, Attorney General Dana Nessel is trying to determine if she can charge Republicans who refuse to certify the vote for Joe Biden as the state’s winner. She reportedly became alarmed after the GOP lawmakers met with the president. One of those legislators, House Speaker Lee Chatfield, explained his reason for going to the White House, and it wasn’t as nefarious as Dems are claiming.

The indirect threat comes after Michigan’s top GOP leaders said they “will follow the law and follow the normal process” as they always have. Further, it’s not illegal to refuse to certify the vote. There’s a mechanism to resolve those disputes already; one would think the state’s top prosecutor would know that.

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