Democrat Who Went on Rant Against Students Gets Fired

Democrat Who Went on Rant Against Students Gets Fired

( – When parents send their kids to school, they expect their teachers will educate them free of political bias. That doesn’t always happen, as demonstrated by a Utah teacher. Now, she no longer has a job.

On August 17, a student recorded Lehi High School teacher Leah Kinyon ranting about politics. She called former President Donald Trump a “literal moron” and said he “sucks.” She also pushed her vaccine beliefs on the students, telling them that if they were going to risk her life by not getting the vaccine, she would criticize them for it.

Kinyon also called the parents of the students dumber than them. The school district got wind of the video and said the teacher no longer works there.

American Federation of Teachers-Utah President Brad Asay told 2News he cringed when he watched Kinyon’s rant video. He said that’s not an ordinary conversation teachers should have in their classrooms. Asay explained that most educators are generally very professional.

Her rant is precisely the kind of topic Republicans are trying to keep out of classrooms. Kids are in school to learn about reading and writing, not their teachers’ political leanings.

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