Democratic Governor Confirms Support for Even Higher Gas Taxes

( – California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) is currently awaiting a recall election because of his handling of COVID-19. One would think he’d try to woo voters before they head to the polls on September 14. Instead, he is declaring his support for an increase in taxes.

On July 7, Newsom was visiting Fresno when someone asked him about Republicans’ concerns about a scheduled increase in gas taxes. The governor responded, saying, “You can’t have a free lunch.” He claimed the increase is going to pay for road and bridge repairs.

Newsom’s flippant response to the concerns is pretty disturbing. California residents are hardly getting a “free lunch.” Their gas prices are the highest in the country. People pay upwards of 60 cents per gallon in taxes alone. The average price per gallon in the state is over $4. Now, because of a Democratic law that passed in 2017, the price will rise again.

Meanwhile, residents of the state are still financially recovering from the pandemic and Newsom’s draconian lockdowns. He isn’t going to delay the tax increase at a time when his state’s residents are already hurting from nearly 8% unemployment and tight budgets.

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