Democratic Leaders Threaten Trump

Democratic Leaders Threaten Trump

( – Violent riots have been a persistent problem across the US since the end of May. The most destructive ones seem to be happening in cities run by Democratic leaders, and President Donald Trump is now looking for ways to step in and address the problem. It goes without saying, leftist mayors aren’t very happy about it.

Trump Takes Action

On September 2, the president reportedly sent a memo to Attorney General Bill Barr and White House Budget Director Russell Vought asking the officials to review funding to certain cities. Specifically, New York City, Washington DC, Seattle, and Portland, all places where violence has been allowed to persist.

President Trump explained that his administration isn’t going to “allow federal tax dollars” to pay for cities that have allowed “themselves to deteriorate into lawless zones.” The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has 14 days to issue guidance to the directors of all the executive agencies and departments in handing over details about the federal funds the four cities receive.

Democratic Leaders Threaten the POTUS

The mayors of these cities were angry, to put it mildly. They issued a joint statement telling the president their cities aren’t his “political pawns.” The Democratic leaders accused Trump of launching “unlawful, unconstitutional” attacks they believe will be “defeated in court” and told the commander-in-chief he “is not above the law.”

President Trump has been asking them nicely to get it together and restore their cities to peace for months. He’s repeatedly offered to send in federal support to help the mayors stop the violence and help residents, but the lawlessness has persisted. For example, in Portland, there have been riots for nearly 100 days straight.

How much more is the president supposed to put up with before he steps in to protect the American people?

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