Democratic Voters Flip to GOP in Border Towns

( – Texas is one of the reddest states in America. The Republican Party dominates elections throughout the state – except along the border and in big cities. However, the Democratic Party’s radical policies might be changing the political dynamics along the Mexican-American border.

Donald Trump has made significant inroads with Hispanic voters. He received 8% more Latino votes in 2020 than he did running for president in 2016. After the election, Vox reported data showed Hispanic voters aren’t necessarily Dem voters, but instead are persuadable and it looks like politicians in border counties are starting to realize they can align themselves with someone who has and will benefit them.

The New York Times revealed multiple Democratic officials in Terrell County, Texas, switched parties. A county judge, county clerk, and treasurer all left the Democratic Party and became Republicans. A justice of the peace also wanted to ditch the “D” next to her name but didn’t want to upset her Democratic parents.

It’s not just Terrell County, either. In November, State House Rep. Ryan Guillen changed his affiliation from Democrat to Republican and Trump endorsed him.

The WaPo reported the border crisis is one of the reasons for the exodus from the Democratic party. In border towns, the cost of illegal immigration and all of the terrible consequences that come with it are causing voters to think twice about their party affiliation. If President Joe Biden doesn’t get the crisis under control, it could cost his party the dominance they’ve enjoyed in those border communities.

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