Democrats Scramble to Secure Votes

( – The 2020 election is just three weeks away. As voters start heading to the polls, Democrats are scrambling to secure votes. They’re pulling former President Barack Obama out of his quasi-retirement to do it.

New videos featuring Obama are rolling out in 24 states. The former president tells viewers there is “so much at stake in this election” and implores voters to “make a plan” to cast their ballots. He isn’t the only Leftist who is appealing to voters, Michelle Obama attacked President Donald Trump in a recent video.

Rolling the Obamas out with a couple of weeks left in the campaign, screams of desperation on Joe Biden’s part. His support with major groups — college-educated whites, black people, and Hispanics — is slipping. To try to pull people back in, he’s using the former president and first lady. The problem with that is when voters elected President Trump, they sent a clear message they were rejecting the previous administration’s policies. Why would they want to go backwards now?

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