Democrats Seek Revenge After Official Nixes Minimum Wage Provision

Democrats Seek Revenge After Official Nixes Minimum Wage Provision

( – Republicans in Congress are standing firmly against the Democratic Party’s attempt to shove a $15-per-hour minimum wage down the throats of small business owners across the country. They believe it’ll cripple the already struggling companies, rightfully so. However, the party’s hopes of pushing the increase through with the COVID-19 bill were dashed this week. Now, lawmakers on the Left are seeking revenge.

Senate Parliamentarian’s Decision

On February 25, Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough informed lawmakers that they could not include the minimum wage increase in the COVID-19 relief package. The nonpartisan official said the provision is against the rules and must be stripped from the bill. Although Democrats have no options to use procedure to keep it in the legislation, some are calling for action anyway.

Replace MacDonough

After the parliamentarian handed down her decision, Progressives started calling for her termination. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) tweeted an angry message demanding the Senate get rid of the unelected official.

Other leftist blue checks on Twitter agreed with the congresswoman, saying the Senate official could just be replaced.

Parliamentarians are the people who make sure lawmakers in the Senate are following the rules. They’re the voice of reason when partisan politics get in the way of common sense. MacDonough was the first woman to serve in the position. She began doing the job in 2012 and served under former Presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama. People in this role usually stay in it for decades and work under presidents from both parties. She’s only the sixth person to do the job since 1935.

That’s who Omar and her Twitter mob want to attack — the nonpartisan official who’s just doing her job in these trying times. Because hey, when the Left can’t do something the right way, why not do it the wrong way, right?

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