Democrats Worried After Kamala Harris’ Bad Poll Results

Democrats Worried After Kamala Harris' Bad Poll Results

( – When Vice President Kamala Harris took office, Democrats were bursting with pride. They’d elected the first female VP in the country’s history. Their pride has quickly turned to concern as her poll numbers tanked ahead of the 2022 midterms.

According to a July 29 report from The Hill, many Democratic members of Congress are so concerned about Harris’ popularity, they don’t even know if they want her visiting their districts ahead of the election. An Economist-YouGov poll conducted earlier this month showed her unfavorable rating at 48%. In fact, RealClearPolitics averaged 3 recent polls, and her unfavorable rating was 46%.

The VP’s popularity has been slipping for months, and for good reason. She was put in charge of the border in March, but hasn’t done much to stop the influx of immigrants. Meanwhile, the COVID-19 Delta variant is rapidly spreading across the country and putting Americans in danger. Recently, she indicated she was going to push Congress to pass a massive overhaul of voting rights. Republicans have said the legislation would make it easier for people to commit voter fraud.

The report detailed comments made by a Democratic strategist who thinks Harris needs to think really hard about what districts she visits because she could do more harm than good. It certainly seems like that could be the case.

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