Dems Are Holding Stimulus Back

Dems Are Holding Stimulus Back

( – On August 7, lawmakers missed their self-imposed deadline for the COVID-19 stimulus. President Donald Trump ended up signing four executive orders in an attempt to help the American people while Congress negotiates. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is now making it clear Democrats need to be the ones to step up.

During an August 9 interview on “Fox News Sunday,” Mnuchin said Democrats need to compromise and accept a lower amount of aid for state and local governments. Additionally, the Left needs to give up on its demand that the unemployed continue to receive the $600-per-week enhanced benefits, according to the Treasury secretary. He said Conservative lawmakers “will respond” if Dems come back with new numbers.

Democrats seem unwilling to compromise and that’s why negotiations stalled last week. The hope is that the Left puts aside its partisan politics and works with Republicans to get this done and help American workers.

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