Dems “Bizarre Ultimatum” Could Tank Police Reform


( – Senate Republicans recently unveiled a police reform bill in response to the protests that have swept the country in recent weeks. Unfortunately, partisan politics are making its passage unlikely. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is blaming Democrats for holding it up.

According to the senator, the Left issued a “bizarre new ultimatum” that they be allowed to rewrite the bill before it’s debated. Instead of taking a procedural vote to allow the bill to go through the debate process, Dems blocked it. The legislation needed 60 votes to move forward but only received 55.

The Left doesn’t believe the bill goes far enough. Of course, the remedy to that is to debate the bill and come to a bipartisan agreement with their colleagues. Unfortunately, Democratic senators chose to obstruct it instead of doing their jobs. Just another day in the life of the Left.

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