Denny’s Worker Came To Tardiness Meeting To Shoot Manager In The Stomach And Rob The Safe


Court documents said Jeremy Critten, 20, shot his supervisor in the abdomen on Saturday. At a Denny’s restaurant in St. Louis.

The victim was “reprimanding the defendant for failing to report for work on time,” according to the court documents.

While Critten was scolded, he pulled out his handgun and pointed it at his supervisor. Critten demanded the victim’s cellphone be handed over. The manager obliged, and Critten placed it into his pocket.

He then handed the manager a bag and “directed his attention to the safe on the floor”. . According to the court documents, the supervisor then “pushed away the handgun” and, when Critten reached the rear door, he fired his weapon at the supervisor—striking him in the abdomen.

The supervisor was taken to the hospital, where he underwent at least two surgeries. The stolen cellphone was found outside a nearby business.

Critten was charged with one count each of first-degree assault or attempted severe bodily injury, two counts of criminal use of an instrument of violence, and one count each of first-degree robbery.

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