DeSantis Leads Florida to Amazing Milestone

DeSantis Leads Florida to Amazing Milestone

( – When Republican Ron DeSantis ran for Florida governor in 2018, Democrats immediately disliked him. He ran on an America First platform, even running campaign ads that showed him reading a book to his small children about building a wall. His promises to Floridians helped him win the race.

Over the last three years, but particularly since the beginning of the pandemic, DeSantis has gained the support of Conservatives on the national level. The party is incredibly happy with the way he’s guided his state through the deadly COVID-19 outbreak. Although the virus hit the Sunshine State hard, it looks like it has finally come out on the other side.

New Milestone

On October 27, Yahoo News reported Florida had the country’s lowest COVID-19 rate. The state had about 1,700 cases each day, or about 8 out of 100,000 residents. That’s quite a difference from its daily rate in mid-August of about 25,000 new cases each day. The number of positive cases has dropped by almost 90%. That was the highest rate in the country and one of the worst in the world thanks to the incredibly contagious Delta variant.

Hawaii is the only other state that has a single-digit case count. There are only 9 cases per 100,000 residents there. The islands have strict COVID-19 mandates in place, though.

How Did This Happen?

The answer to that probably depends on which side of the political aisle someone falls. Republicans believe DeSantis’ policies helped the state defeat the wave of infections while Democrats believe the governor hasn’t done enough and point to the state’s high death rate.

When the Delta wave hit, it swept over Florida unmercifully. Thousands of residents died and thousands more fell ill. DeSantis didn’t panic and restrict activities in the state; instead, he made free monoclonal antibody treatments available to everyone and rode the wave. Sure enough, the state has come out on the other side.

It’s important to note that winter is coming. While Florida doesn’t get winters like … well … any of the other states, there’s a possibility infections could spike again. Fortunately, residents know what they need to do to keep themselves safe and will undoubtedly continue to take appropriate measures. In the meantime, they can take a deep breath and celebrate the latest milestone.

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