Detroit Police Officers Go On Blitz And Take Down Over $4.5 Million Worth Of Drugs.

Detroit Police Hit The Streets Hard In Three Day Sweep.

Operation Sania, named for 11-year-old Sania Pew, who was killed by a stray bullet just a few weeks ago, was law enforcement sweeping the street of known filth.

The targets of their operations? Gangbangers, felons on probation,  and dangerous criminals with arrest warrants.

Law enforcement busted multiple suspects and confiscated more than four and a half million dollars worth of drugs in raids.

Police seized MDMA, cocaine, fentanyl, ecstasy, and other illicit substances in multiple targets.

They also recovered multiple weapons, including a fully automatic AK-47 and more than one hundred thousand dollars in cash.

Detroit police made more than 15 arrests and got large quantities of the deadly drug fentanyl off the streets.