‘Died Suddenly’ Search Term Reaches All-Time High on Google

'Died Suddenly' Search Term Reaches All-Time High on Google

(AbsoluteNews.com) – For years, Google has kept track of its trending keywords. The data allows people and businesses to see what people are searching for while they’re online. That can be helpful for content creators who are looking for the next viral story. Recently, an odd search term began trending in the US and Europe.

More people are looking up the words “died suddenly” than any other time since Google began keeping track in 2004, according to Zero Hedge. It seems like a weird term to look up, but a quick check of the stories reveals there have been a lot of sudden deaths.

The first page of Google reveals the following sudden deaths:

  • Amari King Churchwell, 8, from Oregon died after suffering a seizure this month. Doctors discovered a large tumor near his brain stem.
  • Petra Mayer, 46, a book editor for NPR died on November 13 from a pulmonary embolism, a blood clot in her lung.
  • Carmyne Payton, 15, a Long Island, NY basketball player collapsed at tryouts. His parents said he had no known pre-existing health conditions.
  • A Sunset Hills, MO police officer Christy Meier, 47, died in her sleep after returning home from an overnight shift on November 12. There’s a GoFundMe fundraiser to help her family.
  • Three Indiana high school athletes — Jake West (died 2013), Zac Mago (died 2018), and Mark Mayfield (died 2017) — all died from sudden cardiac arrest.

The moms of the Indiana athletes who died are fighting to raise awareness of the silent killer. Roughly 2,000 kids die each year from heart attacks.

Although the internet search seems scary, as if there are more people dying suddenly, there isn’t any proof to indicate it’s true. It’s also important to remember there are only two options for death: dying suddenly or dying predictably. As the saying goes, nobody gets out of life alive.

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