Disney’s First Black Princess Takes Over Splash Mountain: Epic Reveal Stuns Fans

Orlando, Florida – A new ride based on Disney’s first Black princess, Tiana, is set to open to the public on June 28 in Orlando, Florida. This new attraction replaces the long-standing Splash Mountain ride, which faced criticism for its connection to the controversial movie “Song of the South.”

Inspired by the movie “The Princess and the Frog,” the new ride, called Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, has been in preview mode for select groups, including employees and annual passholders. The decision to retheme the ride came after nationwide protests over racial injustice, including the death of George Floyd.

While the log-flume structure remains the same, the theme has been completely revamped to reflect a more inclusive and culturally relevant storyline. The original Splash Mountain ride was based on characters from “Song of the South,” a film criticized for its racist portrayals of African Americans and a romanticized view of the antebellum South.

In an effort to provide a more positive representation, Disney chose to reimagine the ride with Tiana as the central character. This change has been met with mixed reactions, with some praising the move towards greater diversity and others critiquing the perceived lack of plot in the new attraction.

Visitors to the ride have noted the colorful and vibrant scenes, as well as the attention to detail in capturing the essence of Louisiana culture. Disney’s creative team worked closely with local experts and historians to ensure authenticity in the design and storytelling of the new experience.

Despite the criticism and online backlash, supporters of the rethemed ride see it as a step towards greater inclusivity and representation in Disney’s attractions. The opening of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure marks a significant moment in the ongoing cultural dialogue surrounding the theme parks and their portrayal of diverse stories and characters.

As the new ride prepares to welcome guests, it serves as a reminder of the ongoing efforts by Disney to evolve and adapt its attractions to reflect a more inclusive and diverse world. With Tiana at the forefront, visitors can look forward to a fresh take on an old favorite, reminding us all of the power of storytelling and imagination in creating magical experiences for all.