Disturbing new details released about the 6-year-old boy who shot his teacher

A report has revealed that a 6-year-old boy who shot his teacher might have a history of disturbing behavior. He allegedly shared his sinister thoughts with another educator, telling them that he wanted to set his teacher on fire and witness her death.

The incident occurred last month at Richneck Elementary School in Newport News, Virginia, where the young student had nearly carried out his malicious plan. Fortunately, the first grade teacher, Abigail Zwerner, managed to survive the attack.

Zwerner and other Richneck teachers said they had shared their fears about the child’s strange behavior with administrators, only to have their concerns downplayed or ignored, The Washington Post reported.

Zwerner had asked for assistance with the child and communicated her anxieties regarding his conduct in online posts addressed to Newport News Superintendent George Parker III. In the online chat, one staff member at the school wrote that “she had asked for help.” Another chimed in, noting that Zwerner requested this help “several times.”

The student, who had a reputation for throwing furniture and other items around the room, composed a letter to a teacher that disclosed his animosity for her. This included a desire to set her on fire to take her life.

The teacher’s union reported this to The Washington Post. When the teacher showed the letter to the school administrators, they supposedly ordered her to disregard it, as reported by another teacher.

In another incident, the same student prevented the teacher and other students from exiting the classroom by barricading the doors. After the teacher pounded on the door, a colleague in the hallway was able to open it, allowing everyone to leave.

Zwerner, aged 25, suffered a gunshot wound to her chest whilst teaching her first-grade class on the 6th of January. Before collapsing, she had ensured her students had left the classroom, and was then swiftly taken to the hospital.

Authorities reported that there was no sign of an altercation or any warning prior to the boy shooting his teacher with a 9mm Taurus handgun. Parker reported that someone had informed a school official that the boy might have brought a weapon to school a few hours before the shooting, but nothing was found after inspecting his backpack.