Divorce Drama: Firerose Accuses Billy Ray Cyrus of Ambushing Her Before Double Mastectomy Surgery!

Nashville, Tennessee – Firerose Cyrus, estranged wife of singer Billy Ray Cyrus, has accused him of “extreme verbal, emotional, and psychological abuse” in court documents filed in Tennessee. The Australian singer, born Johanna Rosie Hodges, claims that Billy Ray filed for divorce just one day before she was scheduled to undergo double mastectomy surgery due to being diagnosed as a carrier of the BRCA1 gene mutation in early 2020. This gene mutation put her at a higher risk of developing breast cancer.

According to Firerose, the days leading up to their divorce were chaotic, with Billy Ray creating an emotional and psychological prison for her within their marital home. Allegations of domestic abuse and emotional distress have surfaced, with Firerose feeling afraid to seek help or leave due to her fear of interference from her estranged husband.

The filing also details how Billy Ray abruptly filed for divorce on May 23, citing irreconcilable differences and inappropriate marital conduct as reasons for the split. He even sought an annulment on the grounds of fraud. Despite promises to cover the bills for Firerose’s health insurance and surgery expenses, she claims that Billy Ray backed out of his promise as her surgery date approached.

As the situation escalated, Billy Ray filed an emergency motion for a restraining order against Firerose, accusing her of unauthorized charges on his credit card. However, Firerose’s attorneys refuted these claims, calling them untrue. The ongoing divorce proceedings have brought to light a contentious and tumultuous relationship between the two parties.

In response to Firerose’s latest filing, Billy Ray’s attorneys released a statement refuting her allegations and expressing confusion over the validity of her claims. The statement highlights a purported handwritten note from Firerose professing her love for Billy Ray and expressing a desire to reconcile, which adds another layer of complexity to their already complicated divorce proceedings. The situation continues to unfold as both parties navigate the legal and emotional complexities of ending their brief marriage.