DOJ Reveals It’s Coming After Guns

DOJ Reveals It's Coming After Guns

( – When President Joe Biden was running for office, he made it very clear he intended to go after guns. Within a few months of his inauguration, he enacted a number of executive orders to go after allegedly lax firearm laws. The Department of Justice also joined his crusade. Now, the administration is starting a new initiative to teach prosecutors how to prosecute the owners of illegal ghost guns.

Biden Administration’s Directives

In April, the POTUS signed six executive orders related to guns, one of his directives had to do with so-called ghost guns. Those are firearms people can put together at home using a kit or a 3D printer. The president ordered manufacturers to stamp serial numbers on each part of the gun so authorities can trace them back to the owner. He also directed sellers to perform background checks on people like they would for traditional gun buyers.

In the months after Biden enacted the executive orders, the DOJ proposed a rule to close an alleged loophole by expanding the definition of a firearm thereby leading to the latest initiative.

DOJ Crackdown

The DOJ is launching the National Ghost Gun Enforcement Initiative as crime soars across the US. Attorney General Merrick Garland’s department is going to prioritize prosecutions of people who use illegal ghost guns and those who transfer or sell the firearms. The country’s top prosecutors will also train others to enforce the laws against those who use the weapons to commit crimes.

According to reports, law enforcement reported the confiscation of 1,750 ghost guns in the country. In 2020, that number increased to 8,712. Democrats argue that cracking down on ghost guns will eliminate a threat on the streets. Gun enthusiasts don’t see it as an actual problem.

Are Ghost Guns a Problem?

While Democrats have spent quite a bit of time freaking out over the guns, Republicans aren’t as concerned about the weapons. For years, gun enthusiasts have been building the weapons at home, much like people who really like cars would restore them in their garages. The overwhelming majority of gun owners are not criminals and they respect and follow the laws.

A Heritage Foundation op-ed laid out the issues with the ghost gun laws last year. The primary issue is that Conservatives believe the DOJ has expanded the definition of firearms to the point where it would upend over a century of understanding of what the components of guns actually are. Further, there’s an argument the executive branch can’t change those definitions without the approval of Congress in the first place, making the directives illegal.

Despite the concerns about the constitutionality of the directives, the Biden administration and DOJ continue to persist.

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