DOJ Sues Steve Wynn

DOJ files suit against casino mogul Steve Wynn seeking an order that he register as a foreign agent of China – CNN

The Justice Department is suing Steve Wynn for acting as an agent for the People’s Republic of China and a former PRC official (Sun Lijun.). The lawsuit alleges that Wynn sought to remove a Chinese national from the US.

The Justice Department has sent Wynn three letters advising him to register under The Foreign Agent Registration Act. (FARA) The Department has also filed a civil lawsuit to force him to do so.

The DOJ contends that Wynn was motivated by a desire to protect his business interests, Macau casinos, in China in his alleged work for the People’s Republic of China. Wynn’s attorneys deny this and said he had no obligation to register under FARA.

The complaint alleges that Elliott Broidy, a former finance chairman for the RNC, asked Wynn to help remove a criminal wanted by China from the U.S.

A new civil lawsuit filed against Wynn recounts texts that his wife allegedly received and sent on his behalf about the alleged lobbying effort. The text says that Wynn brought up the PRC national in several conversations with White House officials and Trump himself.

Specifically, at the request of Sunand on behalf of the PRC, the Defendant conveyed to former President Donald J. Trump and his Administration (‘the Trump Administration’) the PRC’s request to remove from the country a PRC national who had sought political asylum in the United States,” the complaint, filed Tuesday in DC federal court, says. “In so doing, from at least June 2017 through at least August 2017, the Defendant acted as an agent for foreign principals Sun and the PRC and engaged in political activities on their behalf in the United States.”

The PRC national was not removed, and Sun continued to contact the Defendant. The Defendant informed Sun to stop contacting him.

This is the first time in thirty years that the DOJ has served a lawsuit to seek enforcement of the foreign agent registration act. A move some see as more politically motivated than anything.

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