Donations to the Clinton Foundation Crumble

Donations to the Clinton Foundation Crumble

( – The Clinton Foundation was established in 1997 by former President Bill Clinton and provides partnerships and programs to teach literacy, fight opioid abuse, and teach leadership skills in underserved urban communities, among other goals. The foundation is non-profit and relies heavily on donations to operate, but its support took a big downturn in 2020. According to its financial statements, donations only totaled $16.3 million. Compared to 2016, when former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was running for the oval office, that number represents a nearly 75% drop.

Clinton Foundation CEO Kevin Thurm blamed the COVID-19 pandemic for the severe drop in charitable donations, but the foundation continued to function with help from its endowment. He said it was a “difficult year for philanthropy.”

While it’s true people’s wallets are a bit leaner due to the pandemic, and it also put the normal in-person courtship for donations on hold, that may not be the only reason donors are reluctant to support the foundation.

Some speculate there may be other reasons for the lack of funding from typically generous donors. With former President Clinton’s name in the news regarding his alleged connection to Jeffrey Epstein and Hilary’s possible connection to the Steele dossier, are donors likely to think twice before continuing their support for the Clintons?

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